Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Photo Diary: Maine to Miami

In March I went on two trips with friends to very different places. In the beginning of the month I visited Rangeley, Maine with my boyfriend Blake and our two good friends Alex and Brendan. We stayed at my friend's grandparents house thats perched on lake Mooselookaguntic. It was still very much winter in Maine as the lake was completely frozen and snow covered allowing us to snow shoe on the lake. We spent our days cooking, adventuring, playing music and hoping to see a Moose.
By the end of the month I traveled to Miami, Florida with friend Naima. Opposite from Maine, Miami was hot and overflowing with green. We spent time swimming at South Beach, explored the historic Vizcaya Museum and Garden filled with 16 year olds on Quinceanera photoshoots, hiked the Tree Tops National Park thats filled with airplants and hoped we would see a alligator. Unfortunately I saw no Moose or Alligator in March during my travels, probably for the best. However I did explore new places with some of my favorite people and eat lots of delicious foods, what else could you ask for on vacation. Below are some of my favorite shots from my trips!


All Photos by Arvolyn Hill unless I am in the photo for example above photo by Naima Green.