Sunday, May 22, 2011

Alexander McQueen

This past weekend I went to NYC with my mom. We had a great time adventuring around avoiding the torrential rain, and decided if the world was going to end (rapture= people acting a hot mess) we were going to have a great time! Today we went to the Alexander McQueen show at the Met with my friend Emily. It was a fabulous show. How they set up each room and showed the progression of his work was really interesting. His work is historical, intriguing, haunting, intricate, and romantic. Though I loved the show everything was even more powerful because of his death. It was like watching a movie and you know it going to be a bad ending but in your head the whole time until it happens you think its all going to work out and be alright. It also made me realize how amazing his clothes are, true art. People sometimes say well they are just clothes. But if you go to this show you see that its so interdisciplinary, all of his clothes have a strong purpose and story behind them. I love when artists can do that, they create something beautiful and it changes the way you see the world around you. Go to the Metropolitan (its basically free, I paid a penny :), see the show (it will be there until July 31st), read his quotes, and marvel at his work.

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