Thursday, September 29, 2011


Someone let a sista know there I can get this top. I am obsessed with it or maybe I just want to look as good as this girl does in it. Yay for two posts in one day! Also if your looking for a unique nose ring I just got one today from Gazit off Etsy and I love it!


Sorry for the blog neglect I am not sure how it came to be so long since I have wrote anything. Fall is here whether I want to accept it or not. Although I have accepted fall clothes I have been thrifting far too often but have got some awesome Bill Cosby sweaters! I also have been hula hooping like a total addict. Its crazy how wonderful hooping is when you really get into it. And there is this whole world of people who are just as obsessed, which I am finding out thanks to the internet. I am going to make a hoop soon just need all the materials. I also went to Boston last weekend to visit my South Africa friends which was so much fun! Speaking of South Africa friends one of mine just hooked me up with this some new music. I love this song with the old school dance moves, I need to learn all of these moves and show them off at a club hehe :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


  Lana Del Rey - Video Games by PurplePR
I turned 22 on Monday and I can't believe it. Definitely the most surreal birthday yet. This photo was taken in August I started the blog in June 2, 2009. Time flies homie 

Sunday, September 4, 2011