Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why are animals so cute?

Today we went to the Action Wildlife Center for camp. It was pretty cool there was a ton of animals and they where crazy jumping all over the place. I took the picture above. I think the people who run the place where poachers haha, cause there was a zebra there, in CT!! It looked depressed though, and they had a museum of stuffed animals. And there was like ostriches, lions, leopards, bears, and I kept thinking about how they killed them. AND that place was overpriced, but the kids loved it, and the animals where cute.
I tried to see Harry Potter today sold out everywhere, so I am going tomorrow.
I went to the goodwill yesterday and got the BEST stuff for 13 dollars. I will post it soon.


  1. Hi there! thanks for stopping by my blog. Love urs too!! also must make an honorable mention of your hair - wow!!

    Totally feeling the HP madness. Think i'll go watch it after a week has passed and all the crazy fans are over it.

    Out of curiosity, do you help out in a social club?

  2. thanks!! Yes and harry potter was amazing so go see it! What do you mean by social club tho?

  3. My bad, read about the kids camp so was wondering if it's part of an organisation :)