Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Honey Honey food for the bees

Today camp was a lot of fun we did face paint, and it was really cute. The kids got really into it, and so did I haha. I posted a picture of my the result of me face painting until 4 in the afternoon. Other than that going to the city this weekend and am seeing a lot of my friends from school :)

Also here are some recent purchases, the shoes from Nine West and the bag and jewelry is from my Aunt.


  1. lovely shoes. patent leather is the best

  2. awh, how cute *face painting* I have some shoes very similar to those, love em'...

  3. Face paint is fun! (Thinks of a reason to paint my face) And I must concur with Indigo, patent leather is the best, takes drab to fab in a sec.

    Enjoy your time with friends!

  4. hey. love your blog.
    check out my shop if you have time:


  5. I like the picture of your shoes and jewelery box. I love face painting so much! Jealous!

  6. face painting is funfun!! you're a doll.