Monday, July 27, 2009

Things I miss, like, love: The Boondocks

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For now on I am gonna start posting stuff that I miss, like, or love. I am thinking I will do it every Monday to bring some consistency to this blog. Kinda like Oprah's favorite things except, I am not Oprah and the whole world wont follow me when I say that I like avocados. Plus I love reminiscing and being nostalgic so this the stuff I post will make me feel this way. My first post is something that makes me feel all three. I LOVE the boondocks, I used to read the comics way back in the day. I even own his comic book Fresh For 01 You Suckas. I used to read it all the time in middle school. I also love the show as well. Its Genius. I really hope they come out with a new season too, I used to stay up late to watch it and still do on adult swim. The only thing is that the show doesn't have the character Caesar and he was one of my favorite characters in the Comic! He was from Brooklyn Huey's right hand man kinda, they really need to put him in the next season.

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  1. Lol..never read the comics but LOVED the show!! Side splitting funny!!