Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The Spring Equinox represents the change in season from the cold ice-capped Winter to the blossoming  Spring. It represents growth, new life and fresh beginnings. Whenever the seasons change a celebration is always necessary! On Saturday, March 23 was the Equinox Benefit Festival for Wassaic Community Farm (WCF). As the WCF official DJ I co-hosted the event with the farm as well as being the DJ/MC for the night. The Festival was a way to celebrate a new season for farmers. To make the festival extra special there was local and not-so-local musicians who donated their time to perform. It was the first time we had a party and was able to collaborate with musicians, it was such a wonderful experience. The farm also made Sappies a speciality drink with the maple syrup they tap for sale. See for yourself below.

The festival began with 15-year-old Country Singer/Song Writer and Farmer Jennifer Grace. She came all the way from upstate New York to sing for the event. Grace sang songs by Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and a few of her own original songs.

Wassaic Community Farm's best and only female farmer Erika Brenner used her artistic talents to make this photobooth. 
Josh Driver is a musician currently living in Millerton, NY. I first met Josh at Oakhurst Dinner where he was my waitor and then at Irving Farm Open Mic where he was the host. During the Equinox Benefit Driver played his electric guitar, keyboard and sang soulful songs like No Diggity by Blackstreet.

Last live performer was Stefan Fink. Fink is a banjo playing Folk artist who is apart Brooklyn-based band Oh Great North.

After all the wonderful live musicians performed it was time for a DJ Doctor late night dance party. I was so excited to play some new jams.

Thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday! We raised some money for a good cause to support local, young, hard-working farmers and encourage people to support their farmers. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Things I like this week

Miss Moss post on calligraphy foul mouth Seb Lester.
[Wit + Delight] post on Easiest way to pack for ten day traveling in Europe?. Mostly because I am having a black clothes obsession right now due to my new part time job at the a restaurant. 
Tomboy Style post on the PBS Documentary Makers: Women who make up America . Watch the film online here
I went to Rucola in Brooklyn on Tuesday for breakfast and it was super lovely. I had poached eggs, lentils, roasted carrots, dill and goat cheese, it was perfect.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Get your hair did

My hair is one of the most noticeable things about me. Or at least thats what I assume since literally every human being I have ever met in my life has at least one thing to say about my hair. Granted I do have long locs and I live in a town that is 95.77 percent white so I am a dime in a dozen. Either way despite the amount of attention my dreadlocks get I literally NEVER do my hair. I have been doing the half pony tail style since I learned to do my hair by myself. I know pathetic but so true. Luckily my sista and fellow fabulous hair shawty Nedjra sent me a video for an awesome loc friendly hair style called the Petaled Loc Fro. The hair tutorial video below provided by Franchesca Ramsey of Chescalocs YouTube .
Ramsey is seriously my savior her hair tutorials are so easy to follow with such great loc styles and she is funny and beautiful. Also I hate when I love a blog and they NEVER feature hair tutorials for black girls its always like showing white girls how to make a bun and I am like can I please get some love on here!! But Ramsey ended all that drama for me cause now I am officially have the courage to try a new hair styles by myself without going to the salon and paying the $$$.
I was psyched about doing the Petaled Lo Fro because I although I love my dreads, sometimes I dream about what it be like to have a fro once again like when I was a little one. Check out this little homie.
Poor Babar is like I'M OUT!
Anyway on Saturday I went to the drug store bought a bunch of black elastic rubber bands, washed my hair lathered it in Shea butter and gave the look a try. One hour later...
Low and behold the Petaled Loc Fro! It definitely came out different than I had expected. Less of a fro and more of a dreadlock bob cut. But I still love it. Mostly because I look like I have short hair even though I didn't cut anything. Thats always a challenge with dreads you want to keep the long locs you waited years to have but you also want to change it up every once in a while. Thats why I love this look I can have my cake and eat it too!
But the best thing about new hair style is you feel like a caterpillar that just got its wings. You want to flutter around with your new look leaving your old self behind. As a person who is a creature of habit its important for me to remember that change is good and necessary. Thank you Nedjra and Chescalocs!