Monday, March 4, 2013

Get your hair did

My hair is one of the most noticeable things about me. Or at least thats what I assume since literally every human being I have ever met in my life has at least one thing to say about my hair. Granted I do have long locs and I live in a town that is 95.77 percent white so I am a dime in a dozen. Either way despite the amount of attention my dreadlocks get I literally NEVER do my hair. I have been doing the half pony tail style since I learned to do my hair by myself. I know pathetic but so true. Luckily my sista and fellow fabulous hair shawty Nedjra sent me a video for an awesome loc friendly hair style called the Petaled Loc Fro. The hair tutorial video below provided by Franchesca Ramsey of Chescalocs YouTube .
Ramsey is seriously my savior her hair tutorials are so easy to follow with such great loc styles and she is funny and beautiful. Also I hate when I love a blog and they NEVER feature hair tutorials for black girls its always like showing white girls how to make a bun and I am like can I please get some love on here!! But Ramsey ended all that drama for me cause now I am officially have the courage to try a new hair styles by myself without going to the salon and paying the $$$.
I was psyched about doing the Petaled Lo Fro because I although I love my dreads, sometimes I dream about what it be like to have a fro once again like when I was a little one. Check out this little homie.
Poor Babar is like I'M OUT!
Anyway on Saturday I went to the drug store bought a bunch of black elastic rubber bands, washed my hair lathered it in Shea butter and gave the look a try. One hour later...
Low and behold the Petaled Loc Fro! It definitely came out different than I had expected. Less of a fro and more of a dreadlock bob cut. But I still love it. Mostly because I look like I have short hair even though I didn't cut anything. Thats always a challenge with dreads you want to keep the long locs you waited years to have but you also want to change it up every once in a while. Thats why I love this look I can have my cake and eat it too!
But the best thing about new hair style is you feel like a caterpillar that just got its wings. You want to flutter around with your new look leaving your old self behind. As a person who is a creature of habit its important for me to remember that change is good and necessary. Thank you Nedjra and Chescalocs!

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  1. What?! This style looks great on you! It does look like you have a bob with fluffy pin curls. Love it! ... Bronzegoddess01 on youtube also does loc tutorials. Youtube is awesome for things like that. :-)