Tuesday, June 30, 2009

They only want you when your seventeen

I don't know where I have been too have just discovered these two new fresh faces. Models Carmen Solomon (South African) and Sessilee Lopez (Portuguese and Dominican, who was in Kanye's flashing lights video), have been stomping their way into the fashion industry. These two are just so stunning and unique, real shawties.

Carmen Solomon

Sessilee Lopez

PS I stumbled on this (click the picture to get to the site) a photography diary. Its pretty cool the photography's have kinda of a much better abercombie/ hipster vibe to them which sounds overdone, but Hedi Slimane does a great portrait.

Monday, June 29, 2009

I dont know where it goes when it goes

American Apparel jumpsuit 19$, white mountain sandals 16&, Vintage Necklace free. 99

Some recent purchases sorry you cant really see the jumpsuit. So I am back home from seeing my family, and started my summer job today. I have worked at this camp for a couple of years and the kids are hilarious. They are three to five year old's and they say the craziest things. One kid told me his favorite show was Clean House. While another kid where playing duck duck Goose kept GO GET IT GO GET IT when the kids chased him, regarding to himself.
I am glad it's really starting to fee like summer, and cant wait to the holiday weekend!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dont Stop till you get enough

(Facehunter.blogspot images)

Facehunter is seriously the best. If you haven't check out his fashion blog , I love his eye, and when I saw these today I was like I need to make my dreads do whatever that guy did to his hair.

I have been really busy attending my family reunion that I haven't had time to blog, and with the death of MJ its been non stop partyin to all of his songs. I downloaded all of his songs the other day including Jackson 5. I really am going to miss Michael. He changed music in so many ways and was so widely appreciated internationally. I was watching the news a literally in every country people where mourning and celebrating his life. Which is amazing.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson

No words can describe how I feel about the death of Michael Jackson. Its like crazy how shocked I am. His life was incredibly in so many different ways. His music was the soundtrack to my moms life and mine. He was an icon and truly one of the biggest influences to the music industry ever. His video thriller scared the crap out of me but when those zombies danced, amazing. He started so much, its a shame that he died so young. I am upset how much of a hard time people gave him during his life, he did so much and lived a really tough life. All I have to say is that Michael Jackson was the soundtrack to my life.

It wouldn't let me post the video, but I have this image. He was the first to make real music videos with thriller.

Jackson 5 this song along with A, B, C was the soundtrack of my childhood.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Somethin New: Mapei

Mapei is Stockholm Sweden's bitch. A natural on the mic. This rapper/singer combines her skills with heavy beats. She goes under a variety of categories from elctro to hip hop. Her EP album Cocoa Butter Dairies is only the start, Mapei is currently working with Justice. You will probably jammin to her lyrics real soon.

Today from 1 to 7pm I was in a driving school run by a man named Jason, he was Caribbean I think. It was definitely an experience. Never been to a driving school like it. I took the 8 hour drug and alcohol coarse in order to be able to get my license. Which was basically hours of having to read triple AAA text books and watch 90s movies about teens that get high and drunk then drive without a seat belt, then die. And then there was a movie about the police, and it basically said all police officers think that you are going to shoot them, so do what they say.... I really just want my license at this point.

Monday, June 22, 2009

My voice will be spray painted across your bedroom walls

(short film by Blu: an ambiguous animation painted on public walls.
Made in Buenos Aires and in Baden.)

So recently I have been really interested in graffiti art. Hence the video above. When I was at school we had a graffiti artist come and make free t shirts for us, and we were able to make our own as well. It was a lot of fun, and a really cool way to express yourself. I always love seeing graffiti art on the streets, I think it really adds character. In America graffiti is looked down upon almost all over the country, that you never really see any great graffiti just mostly gang tags. Of coarse since graffiti is considered vandalism. Though now more graffiti artists are hired to do graffiti in certain areas of cities and not just anywhere. Around the world graffiti is widely accepted and encouraged. I remember when I was in Portugal when I was younger the graffiti was so cool and it was all over the city. I found some really cool graffiti and known graffiti artist work that I posted below. I wish I could do this, the creativity that's involved is amazing and very clever.

artist: Banksy

artist: Miss Van

Artist: invader

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Location: Brazil

P.S check out my cake mix at the bottom :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!!

My present to my dad, a blueberry pie! I love him!

P.s I saw UP in 3D and it was amazing, I was screaming with joy in a sea of 4 year olds.. oh my life.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

"universal ghetto life holla black you know it well "

I have finally been listening to mos def new album the ecstatic. It is pretty dope. My favorite tracks so far are casa bey, the auditorium, history, and quiet dog. In this video above is Mos def doing an acoustic version of his some the auditorium on the streets of Tokyo followed by current tv. My friend shared the video to me among other songs done by him on current tv. check it out.

Friday, June 19, 2009

today today today

I got a new bikini for summer today at H&M its pretty cute, its leopard print. I think I am done shopping for a while. At least until my summer job starts. I am saving my money so I can FINALLY get my license. I have been relying on my friends and parents to get me around for way to long. Other than that I watched my favorite movie Amelie for the 10,000th time. Its a classic, if you haven't seen it. I love Audrey Tautou. Also see her movie Hor De Prix its hilarious! She plays a gold digger. Here is some photos of me in my new leggings, enjoy!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Slums of America

So Today it rained all day, making me bound to my house and couch. I watched an episode of Oprah that was really interesting (yes I am an Oprah fan I will admit it). Her episode was about the effects of the struggling economy in America. And the rise of slums and tent cities in America. Lisa Ling did the special report going to interview families living in tent cities and shelters. "Nearly 61 percent of local and state homeless coalitions say they've experienced a rise in homelessness since the foreclosure crisis began in 2007, according to a report by the National Coalition for the Homeless," according to Msnbc report. The surprising thing about Lings report is that most of the families she interviewed where white middle class families. Many who just a year ago had a home, car, and established life. Find themselves losing everything and having to move their families into dangerous shelters or tent cities. These tent cities remind me of pictures I have seen of slums in India and Africa. Though their has always been an issue of poverty in America, with the growing economy issues it is becoming more of a dominant issue. One boy who was living in a shelter said that for his birthday coming up all he wanted was a cake and lots of love, the previous year he had gotten a Wii. Stories like these make me feel awful for posting stuff about fashion and clothes since in the end family and a roof over my head with food is such a luxury within itself. Coming from a middle class working parents this situation is very real, and not only an issue for the poor.
bellow are pictures from slums around the world.

Mumbai, India

South Africa

Camden, New Jersey

Reno, Nevada

(google images)
For more info check out Oprah.com and MSNBC.com

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back in the cut

So I am finally home from California. A really great trip, I miss my family and the bay too much already. CT is looking good, its finally getting warmer here. I took these photos above in my house today. Sad news a teens in the local school where swimming in the Housatonic river, and one kid is now missing from trying to save his friend who was struggling in the water. Really scary since I know these kids, and the town is so small any tragedy is a big deal. I hope they find Kaelon.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I miss it already

So I am back home in CT. California was so much fun I miss it a lot. I got some photos developed from my 35mm, they came out pretty well.
Please don't use my photos for anything else, thanks!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Surviving off of beats and rhyming

I saw this video a couple weeks back and fell in love with it. I thought I would post it. It was all filmed in one shot, the rapper is Nyle an NYU student who said he would make a album for every year of college. Watch it all the way through its dope. I love the college hustle.

Nyle "Let The Beat Build" from Nyle on Vimeo.

Last day in SF :(

Pretty please

Wishlist ^

Fradflare lomography fish eye camera, topshop dress, Antik Batik moccasins

Sunday, June 14, 2009


(urban outfitters photos)

Recent purchases from urban above. I also got a cardigan but I cant find the photo for it.

All you really need is kittens!

So I haven't posted in a while since I have been pretty busy. I took a trip to Bolinas (a small hippie town outside of San Fran) and stayed in my cousins house and saw my old pen pal! I know that sounds geeky. But it was a really cute reunion. I love seeing people that I haven't see for years. Its Amazing out there. It is seriously like being on the edge of the world. Everyone is so laid back and they're are tons of surfers, its really chill compared to CT. I took a lot of photos on my film camera out there, and will have plenty to show off when I get them developed.
AND my cousin got kittens!!!! They are so cute Olive and Lula, 9 week old sister tabby cats. I am basically in heaven. We got them from hope a long a organization that saves animals from shelters and all the money goes to the organization.
Adopt a kitten, the are so cute!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"The Negro Speaks of Rivers"

I went on a little adventure today into sf, and visited the Museum of African Diaspora. I know I am such a good student doing school stuff on vacation ;) I got to see the "let Your motto be Resistance exhibit which had African American portraits. It was so amazing. The photography was a treat and it featured all of my favorite African American writers, activists, poets, musicians, singers, comedians, and more. I felt so smart I knew almost all the people in the photographs from Alain Locke, Amiri Baraka, to James Weldon Johnson. I am glad my expensive ass college tuition is coming to use finally! The entire exhibit is just inspiring. I remember growing up in high school we would spend exactly a week on Black history month and the text books would have a little tiny side notes about influential black people. Black history is truly inspiring and is the core of American history. Yet to this day it is still seen as separate. I thought I would share some photos of the famous black people I saw in the exhibit today.

OOoo Dorthy Dandridge is truly an idol of mine. A singer and actress she was the FIRST African American to be nominated for an Academy Award not to mention she is stunning!

ANGELA DAVIS!! An African American political activist and professor. She was a leading force in the civil rights movement involved in the Panthers and Student non violent activist. I have a Angela Davis t shirt and its totally boss.

All I have to say is I love Ray Charles.

I saw this picture and started chesin so hard. It reminds me of Michele and Barack so much, its a classic timeless love.

Langston one of my favorite poets. He was a brilliant man and continues to influence literature today. FUN FACT: His first job in Paris was as a bouncer!

I seriously love these two Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis are wonderful. Plus Do The Right Thing is one of my top movies of all time.

Last but never least Josephine Baker. J'adore Josephine! She is not only an amazing performer and dancer but she is an icon way before her time. Read a biography on her life she was doing stuff till the end!

(google images)

On a totally different note I did some shopping today got some really cute stuff. I will post about that later tho!