Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!!

My present to my dad, a blueberry pie! I love him!

P.s I saw UP in 3D and it was amazing, I was screaming with joy in a sea of 4 year olds.. oh my life.


  1. Pixar movies are for the adults,
    not the chi'ren. and i still rock my 3D
    shades likes nobody's business.

  2. Oh wow, it says "DAD"... I didn't notice that. Great way to show your father some love, Miss A.R.V.Y. Lord knows the good ones need support.

    You know what I mean, babe?

  3. wow that looks amazing...! I need to take my little ones to see "Up" everyone keeps talking about it...

  4. HEyyyy! Nice blog! Makes me off a feel good feeling (make sense?) lol! Found it Via K.M. Press's recent posting! Bluberry anything gets a triple yummmmm from me! As for the movie thing... no shame in your game...*shrugs* kids dont appreciate "kids" movies anyway...we (adults) might as well! LOL!

    Be back soon! :)
    -Kelly of *AF* Girls