Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Somethin New: Mapei

Mapei is Stockholm Sweden's bitch. A natural on the mic. This rapper/singer combines her skills with heavy beats. She goes under a variety of categories from elctro to hip hop. Her EP album Cocoa Butter Dairies is only the start, Mapei is currently working with Justice. You will probably jammin to her lyrics real soon.

Today from 1 to 7pm I was in a driving school run by a man named Jason, he was Caribbean I think. It was definitely an experience. Never been to a driving school like it. I took the 8 hour drug and alcohol coarse in order to be able to get my license. Which was basically hours of having to read triple AAA text books and watch 90s movies about teens that get high and drunk then drive without a seat belt, then die. And then there was a movie about the police, and it basically said all police officers think that you are going to shoot them, so do what they say.... I really just want my license at this point.

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  1. I'm also from Stockholm and Mapei is a cool girl ;-)