Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dont Stop till you get enough

(Facehunter.blogspot images)

Facehunter is seriously the best. If you haven't check out his fashion blog , I love his eye, and when I saw these today I was like I need to make my dreads do whatever that guy did to his hair.

I have been really busy attending my family reunion that I haven't had time to blog, and with the death of MJ its been non stop partyin to all of his songs. I downloaded all of his songs the other day including Jackson 5. I really am going to miss Michael. He changed music in so many ways and was so widely appreciated internationally. I was watching the news a literally in every country people where mourning and celebrating his life. Which is amazing.


  1. it is AMAZING isn't it!!! Funny how he lived his whole life trying to get people to unite (as all humanitarians do) and now...when he's gone...the whole world unites to mourn our shooting star!!! He'll always be the Greatest!!! :)

  2. It is rather amazing the impact MJ's life and now death have had on so many lives.

  3. cool pink boots!!!! need to catch up with your blog asap!