Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"The Negro Speaks of Rivers"

I went on a little adventure today into sf, and visited the Museum of African Diaspora. I know I am such a good student doing school stuff on vacation ;) I got to see the "let Your motto be Resistance exhibit which had African American portraits. It was so amazing. The photography was a treat and it featured all of my favorite African American writers, activists, poets, musicians, singers, comedians, and more. I felt so smart I knew almost all the people in the photographs from Alain Locke, Amiri Baraka, to James Weldon Johnson. I am glad my expensive ass college tuition is coming to use finally! The entire exhibit is just inspiring. I remember growing up in high school we would spend exactly a week on Black history month and the text books would have a little tiny side notes about influential black people. Black history is truly inspiring and is the core of American history. Yet to this day it is still seen as separate. I thought I would share some photos of the famous black people I saw in the exhibit today.

OOoo Dorthy Dandridge is truly an idol of mine. A singer and actress she was the FIRST African American to be nominated for an Academy Award not to mention she is stunning!

ANGELA DAVIS!! An African American political activist and professor. She was a leading force in the civil rights movement involved in the Panthers and Student non violent activist. I have a Angela Davis t shirt and its totally boss.

All I have to say is I love Ray Charles.

I saw this picture and started chesin so hard. It reminds me of Michele and Barack so much, its a classic timeless love.

Langston one of my favorite poets. He was a brilliant man and continues to influence literature today. FUN FACT: His first job in Paris was as a bouncer!

I seriously love these two Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis are wonderful. Plus Do The Right Thing is one of my top movies of all time.

Last but never least Josephine Baker. J'adore Josephine! She is not only an amazing performer and dancer but she is an icon way before her time. Read a biography on her life she was doing stuff till the end!

(google images)

On a totally different note I did some shopping today got some really cute stuff. I will post about that later tho!


  1. interesting collection of pictures..
    im particularly inspired by Martin Luther King's picture


  2. beautiful photographs...ruby dee and ossie...that photo says so much...loved that movie.