Thursday, June 18, 2009

Slums of America

So Today it rained all day, making me bound to my house and couch. I watched an episode of Oprah that was really interesting (yes I am an Oprah fan I will admit it). Her episode was about the effects of the struggling economy in America. And the rise of slums and tent cities in America. Lisa Ling did the special report going to interview families living in tent cities and shelters. "Nearly 61 percent of local and state homeless coalitions say they've experienced a rise in homelessness since the foreclosure crisis began in 2007, according to a report by the National Coalition for the Homeless," according to Msnbc report. The surprising thing about Lings report is that most of the families she interviewed where white middle class families. Many who just a year ago had a home, car, and established life. Find themselves losing everything and having to move their families into dangerous shelters or tent cities. These tent cities remind me of pictures I have seen of slums in India and Africa. Though their has always been an issue of poverty in America, with the growing economy issues it is becoming more of a dominant issue. One boy who was living in a shelter said that for his birthday coming up all he wanted was a cake and lots of love, the previous year he had gotten a Wii. Stories like these make me feel awful for posting stuff about fashion and clothes since in the end family and a roof over my head with food is such a luxury within itself. Coming from a middle class working parents this situation is very real, and not only an issue for the poor.
bellow are pictures from slums around the world.

Mumbai, India

South Africa

Camden, New Jersey

Reno, Nevada

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  1. this is insane...completely and utterly insane...these images are so dramatic...i remember seeing a documentary on Sierra Leone and the whole blood diamond issue...watched paul wall and raekwon walk through the slums dripped in "ice & bling" saddening...

  2. Very powerful post. I agree with you that having a roof over our heads and family is indeed a luxury. I believe some people lose sight of what is truly important. I mean we all have wants but sometimes we forget about the many blessings we have like food, shelter, clothing, clean water to shower in and drink. Some families don't even have those basic human rights... and further more those of us who can see, hear, taste, touch, walk, breathe, and think on our own are tremendously blessed as well. Great post. Very enlightening and humbling as well.

  3. You should check out Born Into Brothels, its a documentary about the children of the Red Light District in Calcutta. Sometimes it takes more for people to just look at pictures but to smell, feel, and touch, use all the senses makes a greater impact.