Monday, February 8, 2010

love the hair

Since being in Cape Town I have experienced a ton of things that stand out to me and get me thinking being submerged into this completely different culture. So far black hair has really caught my eye living in this new city and how woman in particular choose to wear there hair. I have noticed compared to America more young black women here choose to go natural. I have a seen tons of Afros and dreads more than perms and relaxed hair styles. My friend sent me this site showing different black hair styles that this blogger photographs I think mainly in New York. I thought it was really interesting since I wonder if having natural hair styles for black people has become a trend around the world and not just in the US. Especially since a couple years ago it seemed like no one was going natural and braids or relaxed hair was more popular. I wonder why now do more people choose to go natural? Maybe since in recent media the discussion of black hair has become more prevalent with Chris Rocks movie and how Michele Obama chooses to wear her hair along with her daughters. What ever the case may be the effects go beyond the US and can be seen in Cape Town as well too.

Above is a link to the cite click on the photo definitely check it out its pretty awesome.

Monday, February 1, 2010

1st month

These next few photos are a collection of what I have experienced so far in Cape Town and Jo'burg. Sorry I have been absent, Internet is hard to access :(