Wednesday, July 29, 2009

le cinema

I want to see Paper Heart and 500 days of summer now please!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Things I miss, like, love: The Boondocks

(google image)

For now on I am gonna start posting stuff that I miss, like, or love. I am thinking I will do it every Monday to bring some consistency to this blog. Kinda like Oprah's favorite things except, I am not Oprah and the whole world wont follow me when I say that I like avocados. Plus I love reminiscing and being nostalgic so this the stuff I post will make me feel this way. My first post is something that makes me feel all three. I LOVE the boondocks, I used to read the comics way back in the day. I even own his comic book Fresh For 01 You Suckas. I used to read it all the time in middle school. I also love the show as well. Its Genius. I really hope they come out with a new season too, I used to stay up late to watch it and still do on adult swim. The only thing is that the show doesn't have the character Caesar and he was one of my favorite characters in the Comic! He was from Brooklyn Huey's right hand man kinda, they really need to put him in the next season.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Last night I went to a dinner party with my family, and the food was amazing. It consisted of portobella mushrooms, asparagus, blue fish, steak, flounder, and salad ( I hope I am spelling that all right). There was also an evil cats and my parents friends from Switzerland who are hilarious. It was my cousins last day and I am really gonna miss her, we had a lot of fun these past couple of weeks. Also I am wearing my new jumper I just got at the thrift store. I am really happy its the weekend, I had two babysitting sleepovers this weekend. But now I just have two more weeks of camp then August and I am back to school. AHHHH that's terrifying I really don't wanna think of it like that.

Monday, July 20, 2009

These boots

So camp has been absolutely exhausting, and wonderful at the same time. I have been an awful blogger, since the fact that every time I get home I pass out. But its been really cute, the kids have such crazy personalities. Other than camp my cousin is been staying with me, and I am going to start babysitting a lot of kids from camp as well. But this past weekend I went to Kent falls, a water fall in my town. I had a picnic with my friend and cousin and swam in the water fall which was nice. I also got a new really nice nose ring, and am planning on keeping this one in for a while. Since my nose ring has been a big pain lately. But my big search has been to find a pair of lace up ankle boots for fall. I saw the BEST vintage brown suede pair at goodwill, and they didn't fit be one size. So ever since I have been looking for a pair. Its hard since the ones I have found on the internet have been really granny like or intense hipsterish. But these ones at goodwill where amazing they kinda had a riding boot vibe. I like Dr Martens but these where not as combat boot like. So If anyone knows where to get a pair let me know. Here's some close examples.


Urban Outfitters

Dr Martens

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Your pretty wings

So my cousin is in town and I have been working and spending time with her all week. She's hilarious, and I love her. We went to see Harry potter and we were making fun of it the whole time, even though we are fans of potter. I thought it was pretty scary, and Ron looked like a full grown frat boy. It was still good though, I need to read the last book. Today we took some pictures and went thrift store shopping. My cousin got a really cute Dr Seuss dress and I got a sailor shirt and jumper, and we both bought cactus margarita glasses everything was a total of 7 bucks! I am half way done with camp three more weeks to go. I have a lot of babysitting jobs coming up so I will be doing that as well. I can't believe its already half way through July crazy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why are animals so cute?

Today we went to the Action Wildlife Center for camp. It was pretty cool there was a ton of animals and they where crazy jumping all over the place. I took the picture above. I think the people who run the place where poachers haha, cause there was a zebra there, in CT!! It looked depressed though, and they had a museum of stuffed animals. And there was like ostriches, lions, leopards, bears, and I kept thinking about how they killed them. AND that place was overpriced, but the kids loved it, and the animals where cute.
I tried to see Harry Potter today sold out everywhere, so I am going tomorrow.
I went to the goodwill yesterday and got the BEST stuff for 13 dollars. I will post it soon.

Monday, July 13, 2009


This past weekend I was in the city visiting some friends, and yesterday I went with my cousins to the met. It was pretty cool we went to the Model as Muses exhibit by Marc Jacobs. It had pictures of famous models over the years and vintage clothes, I recommend it! Here some pictures from the roof of the met. Other than that I have been working camp 30 3 yr olds, 30 trophy wives, and a lot of cookies.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Honey Honey food for the bees

Today camp was a lot of fun we did face paint, and it was really cute. The kids got really into it, and so did I haha. I posted a picture of my the result of me face painting until 4 in the afternoon. Other than that going to the city this weekend and am seeing a lot of my friends from school :)

Also here are some recent purchases, the shoes from Nine West and the bag and jewelry is from my Aunt.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It comes in threes

Well lets see today three important things happened for me.

1.Michael Jackson memorial service was great! I loved the poem by Maya Angelo that Queen Latifah did, as well as Brooke Sheild's thoughts on losing her good friend. The 13 year old boy that sang, Stevie wonder Jermaine, and Magics story about KFC. And when his daughter Paris spoke it was so sad. That's when it hit me how human he was. RIP

2.Happy 20th Anniversary to my parents :)

3. Maxwell's new CD dropped Blacksummernights'came out today and its amazing.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The problem of the 21st century is the colorline

W.E.B Dubois stated in The Souls of Black Folk, which has begun to haunt my dreams. Since every class I take being a Pan African studies major, requires this book as a main text. But constantly everyday I feel like color seems to always creep back into my life. With Michael Jackson's death all over the news and on the Eve of his huge memorial at the Staples center.
The issue of color in Michael's life always comes into my mind. I guess since it wasn't until his death that it really registered to me that Michael was a black man. I know it sounds stupid but I never really thought about it. I just accepted that he was a man that was once black then became something else. Something that he found attractive. Not that Micheal's change in skin color made me effect how I saw him, I love him either way. Hearing stories about his life made me really think about his impact on the world. An incredibly talented man that was a victim of the American dream. Growing up poor his father hustled him( to put it nicely) him in singing and dancing about loving woman before he was 9, and ended become a icon for the world. Michael's father was the epitome of an abusive father, and its no wonder he had so many issues. People always say why did Michael do that too his skin, whatever the reason was. I feel deep down Michael Jackson wanted to remove himself from any connection he could have to his father, and if that meant changing his skin color he did it. In his head no matter how attractive he was as a black man, looking white was how he wanted to see himself. Which is the a very common ideal of beauty petite nose, white skin, blue eyes etc. That's how heavy and dark this relationship with black and white comes.
Michael Jackson's music was all about unity between black and white he didn't hate black people. All he wanted is for their to be a world where they could be together. He himself just didn't want to be black. As drastic as Michael's plastic surgery was in someway he obtained this cross over appeal, bridging the color line gap. Since he isn't only adored as a Black entertainer, but as one of the biggest entertainers in the world. I wonder if he didn't change his "look," would he have the same fame on an international scale or would it remain as a black entertainer, a question I can't answer. But I believe this makes him such an interestingly amazing person to look at as an influence on American culture. Especially today where our president is of mixed race, it has become more and more appreciated for their to be diversity more than ever. Especially today when biracial or being mixed race becomes more common its nearly impossible to tell what ethnicity a person is by their skin color. I have blood cousins who have huge blue eyes and blond hair who are black and white. It becoming more of the norm to be of mixed race, the days of black and white has become less recognized. Though color and race will always be an issue, one that greatly affected Michael's life.
Though Michael Jackson's impact on the world was through music, he brought different people together through a common love for his music. With his death I am interested to see how Michael will be remembered in years to come, as an historical figure. Since he is no matter black or white, he is an icon for the world.

Friday, July 3, 2009

film is so romantic

I got these photos developed today, a variety of pictures from Bolinas, CA and my family reunion. I am so happy its the weekend even though camp was a lot of fun. I hope everyone has a great fourth!