Monday, February 11, 2013

6 Ways to survive the winter

I find winter to be one of the most interesting seasons. Its not that its awful it just puts your in such a different circumstance then the other seasons. Like all of a sudden there is snow all over the place and your like I guess I am bound to my house today. But what I love about winter is that I always get completely immersed in its presence. I love the way the mountains covered snow white with bare branches. Time slows down as you become more and more bound to your house. I find myself constantly trying to figure out new ways to enjoy and appreciate these cold months. I thought I would put together a list of what to do during the winter season to keep yourself happy and active during these cold times.

Drink tea constantly. Its like a bath for your insides and it helps fight colds. 

Redecorate your space. Every time I change around my room even if it is the smallest thing it changes my whole outlook. 

Baking it always fun. It heats up the house and makes everything smell so sweet. Also its always nice to have tasty treats around. The recipe for these super easy doughnuts above is here. 

Knitting can be so addicting once you start its hard to stop, and then you have a scarf! Winter is great for all indoors crafts such as sewing too. 
Tutorials on how to knit here.

See live music local and not so local. Above Chan Marshall aka Cat Power during a show I saw earlier this month (Thank you Nedjra!) at Terminal 5. The second is my musically talented shawty Jasmine Isham Smith performing at the Iguana Lounge. Sometimes I forget to see live music when its not the summer time and festival season, but this winter I have been lucky seeing some great shows by local musicians.  

Go for a walk outside. Here is a photo of my mom walking the morning after Nemo.