Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson

No words can describe how I feel about the death of Michael Jackson. Its like crazy how shocked I am. His life was incredibly in so many different ways. His music was the soundtrack to my moms life and mine. He was an icon and truly one of the biggest influences to the music industry ever. His video thriller scared the crap out of me but when those zombies danced, amazing. He started so much, its a shame that he died so young. I am upset how much of a hard time people gave him during his life, he did so much and lived a really tough life. All I have to say is that Michael Jackson was the soundtrack to my life.

It wouldn't let me post the video, but I have this image. He was the first to make real music videos with thriller.

Jackson 5 this song along with A, B, C was the soundtrack of my childhood.


  1. I feel incredibly i really knew him...

  2. my thoughts exactly :I WANT YOU BACK!!! =(
    when they showed the pic of him being lifted away with the oxygen mask on his face with closed eyes...Reality set in!!! Now all we have is the videos & i keep watching the marathons trying to drown out the image of his closed eyes with images of his lively vivacious self i remember!!! *'s surreal....

  3. I'm sure we all feel the same way about MJ. I just watched an amazing vid from the Grammys in 1988. He gave one of the most incredible live performances I've ever watched and the crowd at the end (which included Billy Joel and Prince) just applauded as if Michael needed to literally jump through hoops to energize them. I always loved MJ but I'm ashamed to admit that I really appreciated him more since last thrusday.

  4. Btw, youtube won't let you copy his official music videos so you'd just have to settle for live performance videos like the one you put up :)