Monday, June 22, 2009

My voice will be spray painted across your bedroom walls

(short film by Blu: an ambiguous animation painted on public walls.
Made in Buenos Aires and in Baden.)

So recently I have been really interested in graffiti art. Hence the video above. When I was at school we had a graffiti artist come and make free t shirts for us, and we were able to make our own as well. It was a lot of fun, and a really cool way to express yourself. I always love seeing graffiti art on the streets, I think it really adds character. In America graffiti is looked down upon almost all over the country, that you never really see any great graffiti just mostly gang tags. Of coarse since graffiti is considered vandalism. Though now more graffiti artists are hired to do graffiti in certain areas of cities and not just anywhere. Around the world graffiti is widely accepted and encouraged. I remember when I was in Portugal when I was younger the graffiti was so cool and it was all over the city. I found some really cool graffiti and known graffiti artist work that I posted below. I wish I could do this, the creativity that's involved is amazing and very clever.

artist: Banksy

artist: Miss Van

Artist: invader

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Location: Brazil

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  1. The one by Banksy and the one in Brazil are SO cool!!

  2. Seeing this really makes me wish I could draw or paint! They're really cool! Thanks for popping by my site btw;)

  3. ahh I love graffiti art as well! Banksy is one of my favorites. Your pictures are brilliant! I'm following.

  4. I was always into graffiti. The whole culture of it, especially during the early 90's (graffiting at damn near midnight, getting chased by the cops, competing with rival artists). It's just very, very cool. While I'm here a.r.v.y...

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    --I'd be very glad to have you in the family, babe.

  5. Oppps I thought I was :) my bad

  6. Fuckin dope post "an shit". I dig Banksy

  7. Gladly here in Brazil grafitti has become widely appreciated. I think that if well done it adds a lot of character and it's just a visual feast isn't it? I think the main reason why people started calling grafitti artists to spread their art on their walls was because once it's there those stupid gangs that sign their names and stuff don't do it anymore.
    great post ;)


  9. Graffiti is simply art in it's truest and rawest form. I've always been a lover of it. Don't wish that you could do it, because you can! There's no set way that it has to be done. There are many different styles. It's all about expression.

    Great Post! :)

  10. I love graffiti art! I posted some pics taken in Toronto on my blog.

    Check it out my Saturday May 30 post. A friend of mine took the pics......

    Love your blog by the way, had to follow:)


  11. Glad you posted Banksy. Love him.