Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Graduate

The Hood Internet - Two Weeks Of Hip Hop (Dead Prez x Grizzly Bear) by hoodinternet
This past Saturday I graduated from Drew Univeristy. I cannot believe I am done with college. When I was walking down the path in my cap and gown with my class, in my head I was thinking alright this is it! But it all doesn't feel real. I am going to miss being surrounded by some of the most awesome-fantastic-intelligent-beautiful group of friends I could ever ask to meet these past four years. I will miss being together with all my friends at one place at the same time.After graduation I stayed at my friend Jasmines house with Riordan.It was glorious all we did was eat, sleep, watch TV, and see penguins. These are the times I will especially miss, just chilling with your best friends. But I am also excited for this new time in my life. For the first time I honestly have no idea what will happen next.  Sorry for the blurry graduation photo, it was the best I could capture on my iphone with the craziness that was graduation.

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  1. Congrats on graduating! Graduation was surreal for me last year as well. It honestly didn't hit me that I had graduated college until early August when I wasn't preparing to head back to the Forest. Good luck with your future endeavors, Arvolyn!