Sunday, November 28, 2010

Grey spot

Above is two pictures of my aunt. Doesn't she have the most amazing hair! A while ago I posted about black woman's hair and whether they chose to go natural or not. When I talked to my aunt this week she told me about how her friends will burn, dye, and fry their hair to make it appear a certain way. In my post before I didn't even consider older women in the struggles they face. Most women are terrfied of going grey every time they see a hair they go to the salon and get rid of it. When thinking about the things black women already do for there hair to be straight. Buying weaves that cost as much as a car payment or putting chemicals in it until their hair doesn't grow back at all. By the time they have grey hair they are doing all these things along with dying their hair. Now I don't have grey hair so its hard for me to justify to keep it.But I look at my aunts beautiful grey locks. Not only does she choose to go natural she chooses to keep her hair the color its suppose to be. With that she has healthy hair that continues to grow. She even is creative and added silver beads to style it. I know not eveyone wants to have locks or an Afro but I encourage women to go natural at some point in their life. Whether it be through hair style or hair color, no matter the age give. So that by the time you are my aunts age, you will still have healthy hair.

I hope everyone had a amazing Thanksgiving :)

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  1. I ran into your blog and love it! I also have a preocupation with hair. I am Puerto Rican and have very curly hair that I would relax up until I got to High School. All those chemicals really do mess up your hair. i am a big advocate for going natural although I flat iron it in the fall/winter becaseu it's too cold to keep spritzing with water. Anyway, i am now a follower of your blog. God Bless!