Monday, August 15, 2011

summer summer don't leave please!

I am kinda obsessed with dyed hair and flower crowns. Above is my friend Isabelle again with turquoise hair wearing a flower crown I made recently. They are so easy to make and fun! Although I made this one for myself and my head is way bigger so its huge on her. The colored hair and the flower crowns remind me of Marie Antoinette the Sophia Coppola movie especially here:
But I kinda like the mermaid essence better with the turquoise hair and tropical flowers.
But I can't believe its the end of August. I am in Marthas Vineyard and its so nice to be by the ocean. However usually right after I leave the Vineyard I usually head back to school like two days later. Not this year! Still can't believe I am done. But I am excited to have more free time to see friends and do other things you cant in college. I especially love that I never have to do homework again! Except if I go to graduate school. For now though I am just going to enjoy this easy laid back summer vibe. Also I have taken up hula hooping, its possibly the greatest thing ever.
This song is dedicated to my belle boo who I miss already!
  Animal Collective - In The Flowers by ScottFowlerMix

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