Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Get Away

Last week I got a chance to get away with some of my best friends for a much needed adventure! Emily, Jasmine and I have been anxiously awaiting to head down to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to stay with Emily's grandmother since we bought the tickets three months ago.  We flew down there for some much needed ocean fun and bonding time. This was our third time heading to stay with Emily's grandmother altogether and our first time making the trip post college. It was wonderful to spend quality time with my ladies and discover parts of Florida we hadn't in the past. Although we were still in America, we were in a whole new environment which made it feel like we left the country.
I went on a total photo taking frenzy during our trip and I wanted to share some of my shots from the Atlantic Ocean in Ft. Lauderdale, South Beach, Little Havana, Vizcaya Museum and Garden and other spots throughout Miami. Although I love being in my garden in Connecticut it was really nice to be in a place with a whole new landscape that I don't have back home. I enjoyed chilling on the beach, seeing banana and mango trees grown naturally, iguanas crawling around the deck, aloe plants, cuban coffee, palm trees and beautiful sunsets. 
This is the street that we stayed on in Ft. Lauderdale. Every morning we would pack up our swim suits and towels get into grandma's (Yes I can call her that, everyone does) red convertible and drive off into this scenery to the beach. It was perfect.
This past year my level of obsession with plants and nature has sky rocketed. I have never in my entire life payed more attention to nature. Especially now that I am starting my own tepee herb garden (more about this on the blog soon) at my house I love discovering new plants. They are living things too ya know! I loved being in an environment for hot weather plants like palm trees, succulents and giant aloe plants.
We decided to discover Miami's rich historical side. With a trip to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Vizcaya gave me feel a overwhelming sense of nostalgia as if I was in France at the Palace of Versailles or the coast of Cape Town on Robben Island.
Vizcaya was built as the winter estate to Chicago businessman James Deering from 1859-1924. Today Vizcaya is a National Historic landmark and an accredited museum. Above is the outdoor swimming pool, isn't it a dream!
Emily and Jasmine standing out in front of the Barge on the Biscayne Bay.
This is the east terrace and Main house that look out over the barge. The view that this side of the house gets is a vast crystal blue sea.
With a back drop this perfect we had a photo taking frenzy!
The barge looks like a classic Greek ship that has been attached by pirates and left to age for centuries. I love the look of it. 
Who doesn't love perfectly trimmed bushes!
The most precious Tea House your pretty eyes ever seen.
Vizcaya isn't only an amazing house but the gardens really take it to a whole other level of wonderful. Diego Suarez planned the gardens from 1888-1974. The formal gardens were finished by 1922 containing a geometric plantings, architectural structures and sculptures. The gardens are located between a native mangrove shore and a forest.
A shot of the barge from the Secret Garden.
Succulent City up in here.
It was at this point that Emily and Jasmine where about done with Vizcaya and decided to take a break under some shade. Me on the other hand carried on because I had to see more of this wonderland while I still could.
Deering made a choice to preserve this environment and build the Main House along with Biscayne Bay made him one of Miami's early environmentalists.
Finally we were all officially Vizcaya-ed out and made out way to Little Havana for a taste of Cuba.
Do you know what the Bay of Pigs Invasion was all about? Well I'll give you a hint Fidel Castro was definitely involved!
I first saw this man in a shop with a lot of Virgin Mary statues. We both left at the same time and I realized in the sun his mouth was full of gold teeth. He started speaking to me in Spanish and I hated that I couldn't respond to him. But he did understand me when I asked to take his photo. 

Dominos, dominos, dominos. I love watching old people games outside.

Giggling on the beach. 
I snapped this pink palm trees on Ocean Drive which is Miami's main location to see and be seen.
Oh the drunken margarita. I would say this drink is a South Beach must. But definitely to be shared among friends.
Emily's grandmother has and continues to live a fabulous life. There are photos of her throughout the house from all points in her life. I love the two above because she looks like Lena Horne or Elizabeth Taylor.
Her house was perfectly decorated with vintage furniture. I wanted to take home the pink dresser in our guest room so bad.
Emily is an awesome painter. She recently started her own company where she paints her art on eco-friendly bags for sale on Buying one of her bag helps support patients by helping them buy a colostomy bag and supplies. I have one and I am obsessed with it I hang it on my wall as art or use it when going to the store as a re-useable bag. Above was Emily's work space in the sun room. 
Our last day in Miami we ended up have a BBQ was some hilarious fellas we met on the beach.

Grandma let us invite them over for some hamburgers, hot dogs, fishing and swimming.
Grandma's care taker and grounds keeper Tony was a gem to us throughout the entire trip.
And there she is Miss Thang!
The final supper was delicious and filled with laughter and happy smiles. It would have been perfect if we didn't have to go to the airport later that night...
Good thing the Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport looks great during sunset. Hope to see you again soon Florida!

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