Tuesday, December 27, 2011

rain playlist

It's still 2011 but the new year is fast approaching. The holidays are coming to an end even though Kwanzaa is well underway (happy Kujichagulia aka Self-Determination today! ). Kwanzaa gets no love from anyone anymore, I am going to bring the sexy back into kwanzaa! But anyway its raining and I have been hula hooping inside to some new music. I thought I would put together a little playlist, enjoy!

Sunny- Marvin Gaye Mercury Edit II (This song will make you want to dance in your kitchen with your momma)
Araabmuzik- I remember  (I finally discovered the name of this song it used to play so much at parties in college. But I love it because it makes me feel like I am in a cape town mini bus) 
Coming Up- Paul McCartney (While playing this song one must dance in their underpants) 
Amelie Soundtrack - J'y suis jamais all√© (I want to run through Paris with this song playing) 
ADHD Kendrick Lamar (I feel like this song speaks to my generation)
Lana Del Rey- Video Games (every girl needs a ballad) 
Big Sean ft Nicki Minaj- Ass remix  (every girl also needs a pop your booty ballad)
prizewinning- Julianna Barwick  (This song is ideal for things like yoga, painting and doing interpretive dance in your back yard) 

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