Monday, January 30, 2012

Little Dragon

I am a little late in the game with this one but I really love Little Dragon. I discovered the band through Miss Moss's playlist and had one of those moments when you discover new music and you play it over and over again because you can't believe you have never heard it before because it's THAT good. Little Dragon is a Swedish electronic band. Yukimi Nagano is the vocals and her close high school friends Erik Bodin play drums, Fredrik Källgren Wallin plays bass and Håkan Wirenstrand on keyboards. Although their music is labeled electronic I would say it definitely has a soulful R&B aspect to it as well, Nagano's vocal definitely bring that in. I have heard some people call her the Asian Erykah Badu too! Now if you never heard their music before don't expect to instantly see that comparison. But honestly, I do hear it now the more I listen to Nagano's voice. I love Badu so know that I am not quick to go comparing people to her! If Little Dragon and Badu ever collaborated though that would be pretty awesome. Below are some of my favorite songs by Little Dragon that you should let you ears enjoy. 
via Hazyskyline

(My favorite song by Little Dragon)
Also good songs to check out: Night Light, Twice and After the Rain

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