Thursday, February 2, 2012

We got SOUL!

The month of February marks Black History month in American society. Although Black History is AMERICAN history that should be celebrated all year round, I am happy that my people get some extra recognition during this month. (This morning in my head I rehearsed a speech about why Tracy Morgan's character on 30 Rock is nothing more than a Sambo Caricature, for no reason at all. I am not even joking.) However as a Pan African studies major, African American women and just an American I think it's really important to remember Black history to fully understand the history of this country and how that has affected the society we live in today. To start off this wonderful month in honor of Black History, the passing of Don Cornelius and SOUL TRAIN! I thought I would post some old school photos from Soul Train. Because lets be honest who didn't want to be on Soul Train. The music, the dances moves, the clothes and of coarse THE HAIR all show a time that has passed but should never be forgotten. 
via The Cotton Club
via The Chicagoist
Yes that is Sly from Sly & The Family Stone via WBEZ 91.5
via The Loose Book

via WBEZ 91.5

The Emotions perform, via krrq

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