Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I like what I like

Below are some things that I wanted to share before February is officially over. Just some things that I have been enjoying recently. Happy leap day!

via Miss Moss

I have been enjoying the Quite Continental Charm School. All throughout February Quite Continental and guest bloggers gave tips on how to live a classy yet fabulous life. I personally have even been taking some tips to heart by wearing perfume and finally making a hair appointment!

Solange Knowles style transformation blows me away. I love her vibe she seems to just radiate laid back, talented and cool. She embodies what I want my more mature style to look like, basically can I be her when I grow up! Her daily outfits are being shown on British Vogue for Today I'm wearing all throughout February. So since today is the last day you can marvel over all 29 outfits! Also her blog is pretty awesome too.   

I am obsessed with breakfast food. I love everything about it. I also am obsessed with looking at the BKFST. There is a odd sensation when looking at delicious food you cant eat. 

I have really been enjoying Zooey Deschanel show on fox New Girl. I definitely had my doubts at first but it exceeded my expectation and is pretty funny. Deschanel was on SNL a few weeks back and I loved this skit above. Kristen Wiig doing Bjork is too good. 

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