Friday, February 10, 2012

Freedom Riders

I have been meaning to repost this from Tomboy Style. By the way Tomboy style is an awesome blog that celebrates women with tomboy style in fashion, music, history and much more. In honor of Black History Month I thought I would share this. Below are the mug shots from volunteer civil rights activist who rode the interstate buses into the segregated south in 1961. I love these mug shots of the freedom riders for a number of reasons. I love the diversity of women and their style. I also love how young they are, they must be the same age as I am now maybe younger. I also love that they all have a little smirk on their face in the mug shot, showing that although they are being arrested it was all worth it. These photos definitely inspired me to remember those who fought for the rights that we take for granted today. It also makes me wonder would I make the same risky but brave decision to fight for a better future for the next generation? 

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