Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fly girl

I really love graffiti art, so when I finally discovered Lady Pink I couldn't believe I had never heard of her until recently. Lady Pink aka Sandra Fabara is one of the most influential female graffiti artists of all time. Lady Pink is Ecuadorian but was raised in Queens, getting her start after her boyfriend was sent back to Puerto Rico after being arrested. She tagged her boyfriends name across New York City as a way to heal her pain, how romantic and badass is that! At age 15 she did graffiti with crews like The Crew 5 and The Public Animals and became the only well known female graffiti artist who could keep up with the boys. She also spent a significant number of years painting NYC subway cars. She is now internationally known for her work and is highly respected in the art world. Her work can be seen at the Whitney, Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum. Lady Pink still does mural workshops with teens and lectures college students. Below are photos of her work. I love learning about female artists who broke ground for future graffiti artists through their talent, personal style and perseverance. If I had my own house I would want her to paint all over it.
       via dirtypilot
"Influential graffiti writers who attended the High School of Art & Design: TAKI 183SEEN TC5LEEDAZELADY PINKMARE 139, and REAS among others" via Animal New York
via sublife

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