Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Rebel

Below are some photos from recent spring weekends through the eyes of my canon rebel. I have been having some wonderfully fun shawty filled weekends at home in the city and at Drew too! Lately, I have always been using my iphone camera I have been neglecting my other cameras, makes me kinda sad. But I am glad me and my rebel have been having some quality time together because you can't beat the detail, color and clarity. Also I love photographing the change of seasons and how our attire and appearance also shifts and adjusts to that change. 


  1. Lovely photos. That guy on the train didn't seem too pleased about that photo. Also, did you visit Drew this weekend? (yes, I'm a fellow former Drewid). :-)

  2. hehehe I know you are and yes I did visit Drew for Fern Fest! As for the guy on the train I love that he is looking directly at the camera lol.