Monday, April 30, 2012

Things I like

Bohemian Dream is my tumblr summer mood board. Its filled with dream catchers, fairy-like ladies and psychedelic landscapes.

I saw this video on evencleveland and my jaw dropped. Its like a real life Up. 
Especially now that all of the dandelions are out I really am visually in love with this instillation, it almost looks magnetic.
I am an avocado fanatic if we could turn into what we eat too much of I would totally be an avocado. But it wasn't until recently I discovered the wonderful taste of avocado with honey on toast! Check out the recipe for Simply the Best Breakfast Ever? and give it a try, it will blow your mind. (I like to add red chili flakes too,for an extra kick)
I really like this collaboration. I have been a fan of the Dirty Projectors ever since my friend Adam introduced me to them and I first feel in love with Major Lazer with his song Pon de floor. When I heard this What So Not Remix I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Two artist I would never had expected together, but so good.
I just got a pair of floral print Doc Martens that I love, but when I saw that Docs were teaming up with Liberty London I wanted to hit myself over the head! I guess in some way I can justify owning two pairs of floral print Doc Martens because this collection of shoes and bags is too perfect to pass up.

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