Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A celebration of tonight's Broad City S2 Premiere in Fan Art

gif By Mike Perry 

There are few television shows that have impacted like Broad City.  The last show I was this obsessed with was As Told By Ginger or Zoey 101 (my best friend can attest to this as embarrassing as that sounds). 
However the web series turned Comedy Central hit starring Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer is pure genius. In one season the show has gained a cult like following as like a stoner girl's bible if you will. 
Although all you have to do is watch the show to know why it's as incredible as it is. What I find most endearing about the two young comedians is their fan’s absolute adoration for them expressed via art.
 Since the show premiered Abbi and Ilana have shared their Broad City fan art on social media. Abbi is an illustrator herself. From illustrations, graphic art, nail art, watercolors, cross stitch and more fans have creatively expressed their love of the feminist heros. I searched far and wide through the depths of the internet to gather a collection of my top favorite Broad City fan art in celebration of the season two premiere tonight on Comedy Central at 10:30 p.m. You would be a damn fool not to be watching!

Parallel Play by Batalla

Illustration by Tyler Wintermute
Illustrator KR Whalen
By Illustrator Ryan Casey
The New Yorker!
Artist Unknown

Map of NYC by Abbi Jacobson 
by Illustrator Emma Munger 
We are like feminist heros right now by Steve Beres
Portraits by Oh Gosh, Cindy
Watercolor by Sophie Argetsinger

If I incorrectly sourced your work please let me know and I will update it immediately. 

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