Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We must move

Moving is one of the most bittersweet life events all humans must do. At some point everyone has to move. Whether moving when you’re a kid cause your parents got a new job in a different place, moving out your parent’s house for college or moving into your first home or apartment.

This past week I moved from my family home in rural Connecticut to Harlem, NYC. I have spent the last three years since college living at home, which has been a blessing. Living in Connecticut I could be exposed to activities I wouldn’t have in the city. I was able to hike on the Appalachian Trail anytime I pleased since my hometown falls right on the trail. I was able to work on a farm a mile from my house and receive organic vegetables regularly. I re fell in love with the being outdoors and came to the realization that I feel most at peace when I am in nature. 

I was lucky enough to form a new relationship with the parents in my early twenties. That felt more like a best friendship then parents. However I knew I couldn’t stay in Connecticut forever. Although I will always be a country girl I knew it was time for me to move like the water in the Housatonic River that runs by my house.

An opportunity presented itself to move in with two of my best friends in the city and I took it. My first apartment and my first time living in the city. Although there is less nature to get lost in in New York there is culture to be experienced at every moment.

When packing I kept it simple. My favorite clothes, bedding, toiletries, plants and a few trinkets that I reminded me of home. As nervous as I was to move from the horse farm I grew up on to the big apple. I knew it was time to go. One of the hardest things about living in the area of Connecticut I was in was the complete lack of diversity. I was always the only black person where ever I went. 
Now that I am here it feels amazing being in a neighborhood with deep roots of Black History and Pan Africanism. 

I still have much exploring to do in Harlem and around the entire city. I feel like I am on a new planet. I am thankful that I decided to move and allow a fresh experience into my life. If you don’t move things will never change and that’s not always positive. I look forward to sharing this next chapter of my life with you all in the city that is full of big dreamers who apparently never sleep.

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