Monday, June 11, 2012

Blog Lovin

So apologies are in order for my blogging hiatus. I have no real excuse for my absence other than I simply fell out of the weekly groove of blogging for a couple weeks and was focused on other things. But I am definitely back and what better way to return than with some blog loving. One of my best friends from studying abroad in South Africa Adam Anderson recently started his own blog the The Posdog Blog. Adam ever since I have met him has spread the message of feeding your positive dog to everyone he knows. Feeding your positive dog is a metaphor for living a positive life. Anytime anyone ever complained in South Africa he always said feed the positive dog. Adam also has an ear for wonderful music of all genres but especially hip hop. I rely on him for exposing me to new artists and he posts all of his musical discoveries on his blog for everyone to enjoy. Adam recently asked me to be his first ever interviewee for his blog and of coarse I happily accepted. The interview is below and you can check out the original post here.

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