Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My weekend

This past weekend I had a lot happening for both my jobs. I covered the Wassaic Project Summer Benefit for the newspaper and got to DJ at he Lantern Inn on Saturday night. With Fathers Day on top of that I was exhausted by Sunday. But I took lots of photos with my iphone and canon rebel that I wanted to share. Some snaps of where I have been and new people I have encountered during my weekend adventures. 

I am crazy for artist Ghost of a Dream's work. I first saw his instillation at the 2011 Wassaic Project Summer Festival with Remember When Tomorrow, which you can see how much I adored it in this photo. But Ghost of a Dream pieces were shown at the benefit as a preview to the Summer Festival which I cannot wait for in August!

I took this photo for the paper and really liked the way the lighting came out.

I had the pleasure of meeting legendary artist Ultra Violet at the Benefit as well. I am embarrassed to say I didn't know thats who she was when I met her! But she was quick to let me know and I soon found out she was one of Andy Warhol's muses and worked for Salvador Deli, oh my! She was quite fabulous and I may have redeemed myself when she said she liked my sandalls!

I also met her friend designer Gemma Kahng!

My friend Stephanie snapped this photo of me DJing Saturday night with Dustin. First time I had a set with another DJ, it was so much fun! Also peep the vintage lime green corset I got at Pumpkin House in Millbrook, NY.

As all Father's days should go and basically every day my family BBQ at Macedonia State Park. Yum!

 My brother came home for fathers day as well which was fun but I had even more fun with the friends he brought along. We look like we are blooming out the tree.

Kent Falls is the place to be during this time of year. 

Her name is Mookie. That is all. 

Happy Fathers Day, Dad! 

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