Thursday, June 14, 2012

Girls will be Girls

I am obsessed with HBOs new series Girls. After hearing about all the hype I finally spent two days watching every episode of the first season and now can't believe the season finale is already here. This show is so well written by the talented and young Lena Dunham. What I love about this show is that all the characters although they stem from characters we have seen in other shows (Sex in the City, Gossip Girls) they each have depth and don't fall into the typical archetypes they might usually for me. Although the female stars of the show have been getting a lot of the recognition I want to shout out the boys of girls. I  think the complexity of the leading male Adam makes the show really addicting. The fact that the boys don't fall in to that "bro" category that most men on television have portrayed recently make it a refreshing show. Of coarse HBO knows how to keep things fresh and current in their shows too with their references to pop culture and music which I appreciate. But most of all the show is really funny, especially the"crackcident" episode.
My only problem with the show which I expressed via twitter this week is the lack of diversity. Like there are no people of color and they live in Brooklyn, say what? I love this show because its about my generation which is girls in their early twenties trying to make sense of life after college but before real adult life.  I still relate to this show despite the girls being a different skin tone then me because we go through the same emotions and experiences that all girls of this age go through. However when will there be a show about young, interesting, talented, cool girls of color were the girl isn't the token or is in the show at all. It makes it seem like girls of different races don't matter or don't need to be represented on television. Which is disappointing and sad.
I think that television even more so than movies still has yet to wrap their heads around the concept of how to represent young women of color on television without making it seem cliche or forced diversity. Regardless of my rant I freaking love Girls and I think Lena Dunham is wonderful as an actress and writer. As an aspiring writer instead of complaining about what Girls is lacking I am going to be active and make my own change. Who knows maybe I will write a show about African American, African or Caribbean girls in 2012. Lets just say I have officially been inspired.
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